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What a Character!


Creating characters can be lots of fun, but it can be challenging, too. For my new book, The Wright Brothers Flying School, 1910, I’m trying to invent characters who act like your best friend, but who fit in the time period I’m writing about.

My first character is Mabel Cecelia Grant, “Macie” for short. To get started, I looked for pictures online of girls who would have been around fourteen years old in 1910. This picture jumped out at me, and I knew I’d found Macie.

Next, I made a list of everything I already knew about Macie and wrote them down on a chart. A more fun way to do this might be to make your own facebook page for your character. Click on the link below. You’ll go to a page that says ‘facebook profile.’ Click on the words again and you’ll arrive at a profile you can print out and use for your character.

Facebook profile

I really like the names J.K. Rowling picks for her characters.  “Rubeus Hagrid” is a terrific name, and you have a picture in your mind of what he looks like even before you see him. Doesn’t Draco Malfoy sound mean and sinister? And Neville Longbottom calls to mind a rather dull boy with no athletic skills at all. How does J.K. Rowling do it?

I found the link below to help me find popular names for the time period I’m writing about. Remember, my new book is set in 1910, so this list is from that era. Is your name on the list?


Scroll through the page and find three first and last names you think would make good characters. I need a name for a bully (girl or boy), a name for a hero (girl or boy), and a name for a villain (man or woman). Fill in the Facebook profile for your character, and send it to me! I’d love to see what you come up with! Maybe YOUR character will appear in my book!

For students and teachers who want additional information about developing story characters, try the link I included below. You’ll find some great ideas and worksheets to help you create the perfect character for your story!


A final thought for this week!

What are YOU reading?